Sustainability Features of Golden Real Estate: 

1) Our 5.2 kilowatt photovoltaic system covers most of the company's electric needs

2)  Office has a 220-volt plug-in car recharging station.

3) Three 22-inch sun tunnels (similar to Solatube) eliminate the need for interior lighting on sunny days.

4) All interior and exterior can lights are CFLs or LEDs which draw as little as 3.5 watts each.  Exterior flood lights are also CFLs, as are the post lights on the patio.

Styrofoam recycling video5) Company invites the public to drop off polystyrene (a.k.a. Styrofoam) for recycling, Every other month we deliver an entire truckload of polystyrene to a Denver factory for re-processing/recycling.  Polystyrene can be dropped off 24/7 in our Styrofoam Corral behind our office building.  It must be white only, with no printing and free of other materials. We ask that it be put in plastic bags (we have them in the office if you need some).
Click on the YouTube video at right to come along on one of our recycling trips to ACH Foam Technologies in Denver.

6) Company provides previously used moving boxes, including wardrobe boxes, to its clients free, and accepts used boxes for reuse.  The company purchased an 8x12 storage building solely for the purpose of storing moving boxes between uses.

7) Company provides free use of a moving truck not only to clients, but also to community and non-profit organizations.  In ten years, it has probably saved these clients and non-profit organizations over $100,000 in truck rental expenses.

8) Broker/owner Jim Smith drives both an all-electric and a hybrid vehicle.

9) To make our roof-mounted HVAC system function more efficiently, we invented designed and installed a unique cold/warm air return in our office.  Come take a look!

For these and other sustainable practices, Golden Real Estate was awarded a Sustainability Award by the City of Golden in 2010.
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